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Now you can see the Video Demos for our songs.
September 20, 2010

The Website has been finished by the webmaster.
September 17, 2010

We are video-recording our songs, to upload it to Youtube and share it with you.
September 14, 2010

We are now working in our Demo Tape,  in association
with WS Group.
August 31, 2010
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Fabián Sanhueza.- Hi, I'm Fabián Sanhueza, the voice and the rhytm guitar from Black & Orange. I started to play guitar when I had twelve years, since I love the guitar. With Jesús, we started to compose in a winter afternoon, when we were very bored. Then, I had an idea to write our first song, and Jesús wrote the bass tabs. Then we had the idea to create a music band, so we started to work hard to make it possible.

Jesús Gajardo.- Hello! I'm Jesús Gajardo, the lead guitar from Black & Orange and the second voice. I like the alternative rock and the brit rock, because of that I love to play guitar. Fabián told me a day «Jesús, I want to create an alternative rock band» and I acepted inmediately. Our dream is to play music like Coldplay, because it is our favourite band. You must to listen our music, it's great!  Sayonara, bye.